Front Mount Option

Newton Pro Upgrade adds

Fitness Test,

Power Interval Workouts

and Indoor Trainer

TT Mount Option for Triathletes

PowerStroke Upgrade

adds TSS/IF/NP,

 aero drag and

pedal smoothness


Our mounts are specifically designed to cradle the Newton 6 so it is safe, secure and positioned on the bike where you would like it to be.

The low profile Dual Mount ships standard and works on your handlebar or stem.NewtonMounts

If you own another bike, the Extra Bike Kit includes a dual mount and combined speed/cadence sensor.

Three different mounting options put your Newton 6 where it is easiest to see…and use.  Choose between the light-weight and super-strong Solo Front Mount, and Combo Front Mount that holds both your Newton 5 and compatible action camera.


Setting up a TT or Tri Bike? Use the TT Mount Kit (includes Newton Remote Wind Sensor) for best results.

With TT Bars_Full2


Own more than one bike?

An extra bike mount or 2nd Bike Kit is all you need to take full advantage of Newton’s bike-to-bike portability.



The Newton 6 includes an incredible array of standard features.

But you can upgrade your Newton 6 to make it do even MORE for you.

Newton Pro Upgrade Package

The Newton Pro Upgrade Package is designed for riders who use power as their central means of training and racing.

Newton Pro adds these features:

  • Indoor Training–ride with power indoors, on over 100 models of indoor trainers and rollers
  • Fitness (FTP) Test–FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is the most important baseline metric in power.  The one-button Fitness Test measures both your FTP and your W/KG (watts per kilogram).  FTP and W/KG metrics will accurately assess your training progress.
  • Power Interval Workouts:  Newton Power Interval Workouts, designed by a professional cyclist and coach, are the most efficient way to improve your cycling performance.  Select between built-in Strength, Cardiovascular, or Fat Burning workouts, automatically customized to your FTP fitness.  Or, use Isaac to create your own workout sets.
  • TSS/IF/NP Measurement and Display:  Training Stress Score (TSS), Intensity Factor (IF) and Normalized Power (NP) are power-related metrics  Invented by Andrew Coggan and Hunter Allen, two of the most important figures in cycling power, these metrics gauge your cycling intensity and ride stress, and also better account for the physiological effects of uneven cycling speeds and effort (for example, rolling hills or criterium racing).  TSS/IF/NP are displayed on your Newton, and also will be available from Isaac Software.


Newton PowerStroke Upgrade Package

The Newton PowerStroke Upgrade Package turns your Newton 6 into “the best cycling data acquisition device in the world”.  PowerStroke Package is designed for riders who want the best power cycling computer available, and who want to achieve maximum competitive advantage using the exclusive features found in the PowerStroke Package.

The Newton PowerStroke Upgrade Package has all of the features included with the Newton Pro Package, and also adds:

  •  PowerStroke Analysis
  • Wind Tunnel CdA measurement
  • Coast Down CdA and Crr measurement
  • On-screen Setup menus and control
  • 4x ride memory
  • Newton Tracker for GPS





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If you own a Newton manufactured prior to October 2014, the Newton 6 upgrade Key will give your Newton latest-generation performance, upgrading your Newton to include all of the firmware features of the Newton 6

NOTE: the Newton 6 upgraded case and wind port design are physical changes, not included in this feature upgrade.

If you’ve previously enabled features for your Newton such as Newton Tracker, Indoor Trainer, PowerStroke, and CdA, your upgraded Newton 6 will continue to provide those features.

How it works:

After you purchase the Newton 6 upgrade key you’ll get an email from us requesting the serial number of your Newton.  Once we get your serial number we will email your customized Newton 6 upgrade key.

Upgrade your version of Isaac to 3.x, install your Newton 6 key, then update your firmware to 5.x.