Newton 5/6 PowerStroke Upgrade Bundle

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Product Description


Upgrade your Newton 5/6 Power Cycling Computer to Newton PowerStroke, described as “the best cycling data acquistion device in the world”.

The PowerStroke Upgrade Package unlocks ALL of the incredible firmware features incorporated in Newton 5 technology.

Add world-class PowerStroke cycling measurements and exclusive insights to your Newton 5/6:

  1. Left-right, front-back, and side-to-side PowerStroke pedaling measurement
  2. Wind tunnel “CdA” measurement
  3. Coast-down measurement of CdA and Crr
  4. 4x ride memory
  5. Button control of Newton setup
  6. GPS-based Newton Tracker (requires iPhone or Android smartphone)


The PowerStroke Upgrade Package also includes all of the features included in the Newton Pro Upgrade Package:

  1. Indoor Trainer Capability
  2. Power Fitness (FTP) Test 
  3. Training Stress Score (TSS) display
  4. Normalized Power (NP) display
  5. Intensity Factor (IF) display
  6. Pre-programmed Cardiovascular Power Interval Workouts 
  7. Pre-programmed Strength Power Interval Workouts
  8. Pre-programmed Fat-burning Power Interval Workouts
  9. User-Programmed Power Interval Workouts 
  10. Recording and display of direct force power meter (DFPM) data


This upgrade requires Newton 5 or Newton 6 Power Cycling Computers having serial number xx xx xx 08 04 xx… (“xx” is a number)

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3 reviews for Newton 5/6 PowerStroke Upgrade Bundle

  1. 5 out of 5


    Having purchased a Newton + in September 2014 I was looking for a Christmas present so what could be better than the Power Stroke Upgrade Bundle, this has every thing I wanted and more, so I knew I may not use all the components yet, but it was worth the extra money in the long term.
    Just in a few weeks use this has proved it’s worth to me and I am very pleased with the package.
    Best example is the Powerstroke, the pattern displayed a very high amount of watts being wasted, closer inspection of the bike showed the right hand bottom bracket bearing was worn badly, replacing the bottom bracket bearings and testing again gave me a 60% improvement.
    There is so much data this little tool provides it is superb and using automotive technology / systems I can see how worth while and useful it really is…..perhaps people who are not familiar with the product can very easily under estimates it’s performance?? to those people I would say take more time and look again.
    The DPS Function is really great and allows me greater power flexibility which means I can hold a certain power and maintain that easily during the ride.
    The Tracker function is great , it did take me a couple of days to learn how it works and not worry about the phone uploads not going straight away.
    Customer service at Velocomp is simply the best, no problem too small and response times excellent, if only all companies were like this…..and to be fair I was perhaps a little worried about purchasing a Newton as I live in the U.K I wondered about support and the product in general, however my worries very quickly evaporated, and confidence grew in leaps and bounds, and now looking forward to 2015 with my Newton+ , it really does make you to ride each day.
    I was looking to purchase a replacement gps system for my bike but now there is no need my Newton and the upgrade package does the job just fine.

  2. 3 out of 5


    This relates to the Newton 5 I also brought on Amazon. It was only when I brought the upgrade that I realised I had a legacy model so then needed to get the updates from Velocomp which took a few emails back and forth. So overall in the plug and play world we live in I found the overall set-up more frustrating than I’d like. I’ve only scratched the surface of the features but got a really good FTP test done and found the pedal efficiency output really interesting (now I need to figure out how to fix the flaws!). [ED: THE NEWTON PURCHASED FROM AMAZON HAPPENED TO BE AN OLDER MODEL, SO IT ALSO NEEDED A FREE OS FIRMWARE UPDATE.]

  3. 5 out of 5


    Due to my work schedule, most of my rides during the week are solo, then I get with my club on the weekends. Therefore I wasn’t pushing myself very hard during the week, causing me to fall off the back on the weekends. The Powerstroke Bundle allows me to compete against myself or Newton’s programs, giving me a goal to reach every ride. Also, the programs make riding more efficient and interesting. I don’t just ride anyone, I do strength, fat burning and aerobic training now whenever I ride. Then I do a fit test once a month to check progress. This is a great tool for anyone looking to become a better cyclist.

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