Newton PowerStroke TT™

The Best Cycling Data Acquisition Device in the World

  • The iBike Newton PowerStroke TT
    develops skills that improve
    cycling power and pedaling motion
  • The iBike Newton PowerStroke TT
    shows Left/Right pedal stroke
  • The Best Power Meter
    for Triathletes...
    just $799


The Newton PowerStroke TT is the world’s only power meter for tri bikes that measures power AND helps you pedal more economically.

And at $799, it is less expensive than any competitive power meter and cycling computer product…anywhere.

Only the Newton PowerStrokeTT has a microcomputer that delivers power measurement, power training programs and power testing in one super-light unit, with the easiest-to-read display around.

We’re often asked, how does Newton PowerStrokeTT work?  Where are the strain gauges?  Simply, the Newton uses advanced accelerometers and pressure sensors from the space program to measure your power and pedaling motion.

The Newton PowerStrokeTT is a power meter and more.  It is a world class cycling computer.  It is incredible software.  It is a personal trainer that tests your limits and then improves them.

All in one unit.  All for one purpose.  To help you get more results and more fun in your cycling.




Newton 6 technology was introduced at Eurobike 2015, and adds these 6 exclusive features:

  • User Configurable Screens
  • Dynamic Power Smoothing
  • Automatic Profile Selection
  • Send Newton Power to ANT+ Bike Computer (“GT”)
  • Simplified Setup and Calibration
  • New wind port design for incredibly accurate performance in rain or shine

Learn more about Newton 6 technology here


If you’ve never trained or cycled with power, you are missing out on the most important accessory you can have on your bike.  No other bike component–wheels, frame, helmet, you name it–will improve your cycling as much or as quickly.

And no power meter offers you as much capability and flexibility as the iBike Newton.

We are so confident that you’ll love the Newton, and so convinced that you will love training and riding with power, that we offer all of our website customers a no risk guarantee:

Try the Newton for 30 days.  If for any reason you don’t like it, return it in good condition for a full refund.  Details are here.

Sure, you can spend much, much more to try out a power meter.  But we are not aware of ANY competitor that lets you try theirs risk-free.



Newton PowerStroke: A Revolutionary Way to Improve Cycling Performance

Newton PowerStroke TT exclusively identifies inefficient pedaling strategies and movement patterns that reduce cumulative power while pedaling.

Trainers and labs don’t simulate “real life” riding conditions. Riding and racing is done pulsing pelotons, fast breaks, and steep mountain passes. But as we pedal, our bodies wobble on the bike, and our pedal crank turns unevenly. Both contribute to inefficient movement patterns.

In fact, research indicates cyclists experience a 17%-27% power loss due to Counterproductive Pedaling.

For the first time in history, you can measure your pedaling strategies and movement in the only place that really matters – the streets!

The Newton PowerStroke TT improves Pedaling Efficiency through biofeedback training and data analysis of power distribution pedaling.

PowerStroke technology quantifies: Wasted Power, Wasted Time & Wasted Motion. It shows where to improve pedaling style, and quantifies improvements.

How Does PowerStroke technology work?

PowerStroke takes advantage of the high-speed data bus design of the Newton power cycling computer, and the accelerometer and dynamic pressure sensors used exclusively by the Newton. 3 axis accelerometer data is sampled 800 times per second.

PowerStroke records data 16 times per second –
4 times faster than any power meter in the world.

This recording rate is so fast that left/right motion can be determined even as the cyclist turns the bike crank.

PowerStroke ride file data is processed in iBike Isaac software. Isaac’s PowerStroke screen shows wasted motion, left/right crank efficiency, wasted energy analysis.



One of the most frequently asked questions about the Newton is: how accurate is it?

Superb accuracy begins with sound technology and engineering.  Here is a section that talks about how the Newton works.  People–engineers and physicists in particular–are amazed by the soundness of our patented technology.

We have 11 years of customer testimonials…you’ll find them on Facebook and elsewhere.

We’ve had lots of independent reviews. Here is a detailed independent review, published in the February 2014 issue of RennRad, a prestigious cycling magazine, written by a PhD, comparing the Newton to SRM, PowerTap, Quarq, Polar, and Garmin.

The reviewer’s finding? The Newton was within 2% of the SRM, at 1/5th the price.

Want to read more reviews? Click here to find them.

Want even more evidence?

Check out the Competitive Comparisons tab, located here, for second-by-second accuracy comparisons against major competitors.



SensorImageThe Newton uses 21st century digital sensor technology.  The Newton’s accelerometer and dynamic pressure wind sensors—both used in aerospace applications—absolutely nail the power a cyclist produces.

Because the Newton sensors are “hard wired” to the main circuit board, PowerStroke readings are recorded 16 times per second, every second! No other power meter gives this depth of data.

The Newton uses patented technology that does away with strain gauges and expensive hubs, cranks and pedals.

Click here to learn more about how the Newton works.



Complete cycling computerTraditional power meters require separate purchase of a bike computer.  You’ll also need to find software or a website to read the bike computer’s data.  And if you want to train with power, you will likely buy a book that tells you how to so…or hire a coach who tells you what to do.

We think there is a better way.  The Newton Power Meter is a complete system: power sensors, sophisticated bike computer, Mac/PC software, and power training workouts are all included.  There nothing else you need to buy or search for on the web.

LEARN more about how Newton power measurement works.

SEE how the Newton compares to other power meters.



  • Quick Set Up

    We know you want to get out and get riding! So we’ve made setup the easiest ever, with videos and expert “wizards” in Isaac software.

  • Rugged, Space-Age Sensors

    The Newton’s solid-state sensors are located inside the bike computer head–far away from spinning hubs, cranks, and pedals.  No moving parts means superior water resistance and nothing to wear out. No moving parts means no need for expensive, inconvenient, periodic “recalibrations” at the factory.


  • Easy to move from bike to bike

    Switching from bike to bike is easy and affordable. Conveniently place a 2nd mount and sensors on your additional bike and all you need to do is slide your Newton onto the mount when you’re ready to ride. Your Newton stores 4 profiles for 4 separate bikes!

  • ANT+ compatible

  • Newton uses ANT+ technology, so you can use any Garmin speed/cadence sensor and heart rate strap–or any other ANT+ sensor! The Newton also reads power data from any ANT+ direct force power meter. And optionally, you can transmit your Newton power data to any ANT+ bike computer.

  • Includes Memory, CdA and Indoor Trainer upgrades

    The Newton PowerStroke is our best Power Cycling Computer. So, in addition to PowerStroke measurement it includes a 4X memory upgrade, Indoor Trainer feature upgrade, and CdA feature upgrade. and If you wish you can add a few more features such as Newton Tracker, or ANT+ Power Transmit Key.

  • Mac and PC compatible

    Isaac software is feature packed and easier than ever to use. A click of the button shares your ride exploits on Facebook–or click a different button and send your ride file to TrainingPeaks or Strava.

  • Available in black or white

  • SEE how the Newton compares to other power meters

  • COMPARE Newton and iBike PowerStroke features



If you ride with an iPhone or Android smartphone,  Newton Tracker adds full GPS and STRAVA capabilities to your Newton.

The free Newton Tracker app (available at the App Store or the Google Play Store) runs in your smartphone’s background (for more than 10 hours) and records your GPS data.

When you download your Newton ride in Isaac software, Isaac “pulls” your smartphone GPS data from the cloud and magically adds it to your ride.

View your ride in Google Earth, or send your ride data to your STRAVA account.

Default_568h2x_tracker__17707.1375196981.1280.1280iBike_Newton_Tracker_2__77895.1375196998.1280.1280iBike_Newton_Tracker_1__06644.1375196996.1280.1280Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.30.39 AM





With TT Bars_Full2The Newton TT mount is designed to work on any tri bike’s aero bars.  Position your Newton between the aero bars or outside them–it’s your choice!

A Newton Remote Wind Sensor is also included, so that your Newton TT will get a clear view of the wind.With TT Bars_RWS


Own more than one bike?

An extra bike mount or 2nd Bike Kit is all you need to take full advantage of Newton’s bike-to-bike portability.



Superior Reliability begins with Superior Design

Newton_Black 05Read about any other power meter design and you’ll find concerns about adjustments, water seal integrity, temperature variation, glue failures, and periodic factory recalibration.

The Newton’s 21st century design does not have any of these concerns, because it has no moving parts and because it uses the same durable sensors used in aerospace applications.

Reliable, Fully Rechargeable, Winter-Ready Battery

With 4 times the capacity of our original iBike battery, the Newton rechargeable battery is ready to roll!

Sensors and batteryWeather can’t stop it – the Newton battery is fully enclosed. And in 20 degree weather the Newton’s battery life far outlasts any rider’s stamina.

The Newton battery lasts up to 20 hours of ride time, and recharges quickly from any computer USB port or USB charger.

Rugged, Secure Mount

NewtonMountsThe Newton’s mount has been designed for superior reliability.  A metal bolt secures the Newton to the mount, providing safe and rock-solid performance of your Newton, no matter how rugged the terrain.



The Newton’s capabilities begin, but does not end, with accurate power measurement.

Traditional power meters measure power and cadence. Nothing less, nothing more.

But because of the Newton’s patented, built-in sensor technology, you get so much more!


  • Current, average and maximum:

    Wind Speed, Hill Gradient, Altitude, and Temperature

  • Snapshot CdA

    It’s like having a wind tunnel at your fingertips. Change ride position, change gear, change clothing–and measure the aero impact!

  • PowerStroke

    See your wasted motion, both front-to-back, side-to-side, and left to right. As you improve your pedal stroke, PowerStroke will quantify the improvements.

  • Drafting analysis

    See when you draft, when you pull, how often you pull. Quantify the power differences. See if your race tactics are working or not.

  • View the full list of Newton features.




The Smartest, Most Informative Cycling Software Available

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.00.44 AM

Isaac software for Mac/PC is the brains behind getting the most out of your Newton power cycling computer.

With easy-to-use “wizards”, Isaac guides your initial setup and calibration.

Isaac displays all of your ride data, including power, cadence, elevation, TSS, IF, NP, even GPS maps (using your smartphone and the optional Newton Tracker feature).

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.05.32 AMScreen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.06.18 AM

Isaac also includes artificial intelligence wizards that make setup, calibration, and ride analysis both easy and accurate.

But Isaac also includes amazing ride analysis insights found in no other power meter, bike computer or software, at any price, including:

  • wind speed

  • hill slope

  • drafting analysis

  • PowerStroke analysis

  • Effort Speed analysis

Be Social

Isaac lets you share your ride files with your coach, or post your ride results on Facebook and Twitter. A different click of the mouse uploads your ride data to TrainingPeaks or STRAVA.

Automatic Software & Firmware Updates

When there’s new Isaac software or Newton firmware, Isaac will automatically make the updates.

Find Support

Isaac includes videos and full documentation for all Newton products and software.

Isaac also includes helpful information and links you can use to learn more about power measurement and power training.

There’s even a link to a forum of like-minded iBike cyclists!



Newton PowerStrokeTT includes a built-in cycling FTP Fitness Test that allows you to test and re-test your cycling fitness. You can monitor your training progress and adjust your training to keep it challenging.

Based on your FTP score and your personal fitness objectives (weight-loss, cardio, or strength), the Newton provides goal-specific power interval training workouts, customized to your fitness level.

IntervalStatsImageAnd Isaac software allows you or your coach to create your own Interval workouts, and load them into the Newton for display on the Newton’s screen.



The Newton PowerStroke TT includes the pre-installed Wind Tunnel (CdA) feature

EXCLUSIVE aerodynamic performance Measurements:

  • Snapshot Drag Coefficient™

    Want to determine your best riding position to beat the wind, or test the aerodynamic impact of changing your gear or equipment?

    The Newton PowerStroke TT displays point-in-time aerodynamic drag coefficient (CdA) on your screen whenever you coast. The lower the CdA number, the more streamlined you are. Try out different riding positions or change gear and let the Newton PowerStroke quantify the aerodynamic benefits.

  • Time Advantage™**

    How much time do you pick up when you go into a tuck?
    How much time does it cost you when you sit up to drink?

    The Newton PowerStroke TT measures (in seconds) the cumulative amount of time you’ve gained (or lost) due to changes in your ride position or equipment during your solo ride and reports it in real time on your screen.

    These are just some of the many questions that the exclusive Time Advantage feature answers. You can’t answer these time questions in a wind tunnel but you can answer them with your iBike Newton PowerStroke.

  • Continuous Drag Coefficient™**

    Looking to establish your optimal combination of aerodynamic positioning and equipment to maximize power?
    Want to know instantly if you’re deviating from your optimum ride position?

    The Newton PowerStroke TT displays instant, continuous aerodynamic drag coefficient feedback on your screen even while pedaling!

    When you ride with both your Newton PowerStroke TT and a direct-force power meter sensor, your Newton PowerStroke TT provides information that enables you to find your optimal combination of aerodynamics and power, even while pedaling.

**Continuous Drag Coefficient and Time Advantage require the use of both an Newton PowerStroke TT and an ANT+ direct force power meter (not included).



Newton PowerStroke TT includes pre-installed Indoor Trainer feature

The Newton PowerStroke TT comes with the pre-installed Indoor Trainer feature. Train indoors on over 100 models of popular indoor trainers and rollers. Take a peek at some of the trainers supported by your PowerStroke.

And you’ll always be able to find great training tips on the iBike Blog.



The Newton PowerStroke TT includes 4 times the memory of the Newton.

What to do with that extra memory? RIDE MORE: up to 768 hours of ride time with 5 second recording, and 26 hours of riding in PowerStroke mode.



Train on two or more bikes?

The 2nd bike kit works with your road bike. Or, if you have another TT bike, check out this.

Want to send Newton power data to your Garmin or other ANT+ bike computer?

Use the Garmin/ANT+ (GT) upgrade key

Want to add GPS tracking to your Newton?

The incredible Newton Tracker Firmware Key enables GPS tracking, using your iPhone or Android smartphone.  The free Newton Tracker app (available at the App Store or Google Play store) records GPS ride data in the background.  When you download your Newton ride file, Isaac software magically merges GPS ride data into your ride file.  Also, Isaac makes it possible to see your ride data in Google Earth.

Want to work with Normalized Power, the best way to get the most out of your power training and racing?

The PowerPak upgrade key features advanced normalized power measurements and zones, pioneered by Andrew Coggan and Hunter Allen.