iBike GPS™ for iPhone 5/4

Turn your iPhone into a GPS Cycling Computer!

  • iBike GPS maps make cycling
    safer and more fun
  • The iBike GPS is easy to use


iBike_CC_5_Portrait Angle


The iBike GPS is a full-featured bike computer that comes with everything you need:

Just $19 for case, mount, and app.

  • A small, sleek, fully-enclosed case that provides extreme weather and water protection

  • A secure Dual Purpose mount (fits handle bar or stem)

  • GPS maps and GPS driven cycling measurement

  • Works with iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

  • The iBike GPS app




Full Featured GPS Bike Computer Perfect for Riding, Touring or Commuting:







hill slope


total elevation gained


GPS & Maps

All delivered on easy-to-read color-rich display.

Just $69 for case, mount, and app.



Open Door Phone Booth

The iBike GPS bike computer is ready for the roads and the unexpected challenges that come with them!

The ultra weather-proof, lightweight, case easily mounts on your bike to provide a rugged-tough protective device that delivers both water and shock protection. With best-in-class durability and reliability the smart case is built to protect your iPhone 5S/5/4S/4.

    • Unique Front Door Design

      The fully enclosed iBike GPS case provides incredible weather and shock protection. The unique “front door” design reduces the chance of water penetration.

    • Click Latch Technology

      The safe and secure Click-Latch™ mechanism lets you feel and hear that your iPhone is securely enclosed in the protective case.

    • Shock Absorbing

      The easy-to-load “insertion tray” makes insertion and removal of your iPhone simple and provides a secure fit, cushioning it from the shock of the road, providing
      extra stability and dampening vibration. There are two trays: one for the iPhone 5S/5, and one for the iPhone 4.

No other iPhone cycling case or bike computer delivers the protection of iBike.

Just $69 for case, mount, and app.


Outside Magazine Chooses iBike Phone Booth

Summer 2012 Buyer’s Guide

“Of the dozens of bike mounts we’ve tested, the stem-bolt-utilizing Phone Booth is the most secure, weatherproof system we’ve found.”

– Aaron Gulley, Outside Magazine


GPS1 screen shot

Large, Easy to Read Screen

Taking full advantage of the latest technologies, the iBike GPS bike computer delivers your ride information on a large, easy-to-read screen.

Use the iPhone’s color-rich display with your choice or horizontal or vertical positioning.

The weather-sealed cover on the iBike GPS case keeps your iPhone dry, while allowing full use (with or without cycling gloves) of all touch screen features!

Want to look at your ride from another perspective?

With the new iBike GPS app, the iBike GPS lets you ride with your screen in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) position.

And you can flip back and forth between screens and important applications while you ride.

Navigation is fast and easy and screens are easy to read at a glance so you can track your progress and keep your attention on the road.

Just $69 for case, mount, and app.



Choose Your App

Your iBike GPS bike computer comes with a free download of the iBike GPS app.

However, the iBike GPS Cycling Computer computer also works with any of the world’s iPhone, GPS-based cycling apps.

The iBike GPS app:

  • delivers ride info, numbers, maps and graphs on large, easy-to-read color screens

  • displays data in your choice of portrait or landscape mode

  • lets you control your music directly from the app*

  • allows you to flip back and forth between screens while you ride

Upload to Strava

The iBike GPS app allows for “one-touch” upload of your ride data to Strava.

Just $69 for case, mount, and app.


* Listening to music requires a Bluetooth headset


Mounts easily and securely on your handlebar or stem mount.

Dual Purpose Mount

The Dual Mount mount is perfect for use on either your handlebars or stem.

The low-profile Dual Purpose Mount puts your iPhone right at your fingertips.

It’s versatility allows you to mount your iBike GPS bike computer on your handlebars or on the stem of your bike — just what you need if you need a little extra space on your handlebars.

Bars PortraitBars Landscape

Own more than one bike? An Extra Dual Mount (includes mount & sensors) lets you take full advantage of iBike’s bike-to-bike portability.